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Sun, 08.05.1973

Sweet Honey In The Rock, Acappella Group Formed

*On this date in 1973, we celebrate Sweet Honey In The Rock. Founded by Dr. Bernice Johnson Reagon, they are a Grammy Award-winning Black female a cappella ensemble.

Sweet Honey In The Rock has deep melodic roots in the sacred music of the Black Church, spirituals, hymns, gospel - as well as jazz and blues. The Sweet Honey experience is unique.  Six Black women join their powerful voices, along with hand percussion instruments, to create a blend of lyrics, movement and narrative that variously relate history, point the finger at injustice, encourage activism, and sing the praises of love. The music speaks out against oppression and exploitation of every kind.

The septet, whose words are simultaneously interpreted in uniquely expressive American Sign Language, demands a just and humane world for all.  After over 30 years of leading and singing with the ensemble, Dr. Reagon retired from Sweet Honey in 2004.  In the best and in the hardest of times, Sweet Honey In The Rock has worked in song to communities across the U.S., and around the world raising hope, love, justice, peace, and resistance.

Sweet Honey invites her audiences to open their minds and hearts and think about who we are and what we do to one another and to our fellow creatures on this planet.

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