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Mon, 11.18.1878

The Canadian Jubilee Singers Are Formed

The Canadian Jubilee Singers Program Flyer

*The first appearance of the Canadian Jubilee Singers is celebrated on this date in 1878. The Canadian Jubilee Singers were a group of black singers and musicians. William and Sadie Carter organized the group. Inspired by the Fisk Jubilee Singers from Fisk University, their singers were almost all from the Hamilton area of Ontario, Canada. The original group included the following members: 

· Prof. Cockbin of Hamilton – bass

· Maud Young – soprano from Hamilton

· Alice Dowden - Soprano from Hamilton

· Mrs. Bland-O’Banyoun – mezzo soprano married to Josephus O'Banyon

· Ernest O'Banyoun, son of Josephus, Baritone

· Minnie Parker from Chatham

· Mrs. Cockbin, Hamilton, accompanist wife of Professor Cockbin

· James Escort (Jimmie) Lightfoot

· Nathan Warner, trombone

· Hattie Butler 

· James Thomas

The Canadian Jubilee singers became successful and toured Great Britain for five years and the United States for three.

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