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Mon, 10.29.1923

“The Charleston” (Dance) Goes Public

The colonial Theater, NYC

On this date in 1923, "Runnin’ Wild" opened at the Colonial Theater in New York City.  This Miller and Lyles Production was the first public introduction of the dance “The Charleston” to New York and the world.

The Black chorus line moved and sang James P. Johnson's “Charleston” and other songs.  In the show, both dance and songs expressed the mood of reckless daring, abandon, and restlessness of the jazz-age flappers.

Soon “The Charleston” became the trend and craze throughout the United States and the world.  The show had 228 performances and closed on June 28, 1924

A Pictorial History of Black Americans
by Langston Hughes, Milton Meltzer & L. Eric Lincoln
Copyright 1956, Crown Publishers, N.Y.
ISBN 0-517-55072-5

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