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Thu, 09.11.1851

The Christiana Riot, the first open resistance to fugitive slave law

On this date in 1851, the Christiana Resistance occurred, a race riot that was the first recorded open resistance to the 1850 Fugitive Slave Law.

A group of Blacks routed a band of slave catchers attempting to re-enslave escaped slaves in Christiana, PA. This incident happened at the home of William Parker an escaped slave. One white was killed and one wounded. Afterwards, there was a great public outcry from both the North and South.

Frederick Douglass viewed the violence at Christiana as having a special moral and political significance because the event was evidence of Black strength. Violent resistance and African-American courage and determination were exhibited on a national stage through this event. Southern editors expressed anger and shock.

Both positions the intense opinion about slavery in American in the years prior to the Civil War.

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