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Mon, 09.11.1967

The City, Inc., Youth Center Opens

The City, Inc.'s founding in 1967 is celebrated on this date. It was a Minneapolis, MN. Community service and an alternative school for at-risk youth grades 9 through 12.

The City, Inc., was an agent of healing, growth, and advocacy for inner-city young people and their families. In the autumn of 1967, a group of fathers and sons met with a priest from the city's Holy Rosary Church to solve community behavior issues in the area's youth. The community needed a place to hold weekly teen gathering social functions.  Space was rented on the city's south side to give the young people a place to meet after school.

Originally called The Psychotic City Teen Center, the name was soon changed to The City, Inc. It was established in 1970, and social services were added in 1980. The City received funding primarily through the United Way.  Its goal was to create hope, search out opportunities, and build a sense of community in the young people, families, and communities it serves. The City's current president is Fred Easter.

The City, Inc., implemented a strategic planning process for the 21st century. Graduates now have computer technology and construction skills added to their curriculum and a broader post-secondary counseling system.

On January 11, 2011, The City Inc., a once-prominent Minneapolis advocacy organization, shut down a day after dismissing its CEO-president and decided to close its north Minneapolis alternative school.

The move left about 30 people unemployed, said Pat Sheridan, the Board of Directors Treasurer.

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