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Sat, 10.16.1926

The Credjafawn Club is Formed

*On this date in 1927, the Credjafawn Club was formed. This was a social Black activist woman's group formed in St' Paul, Minnesota. An offspring of the cities Rondo community, ten young adults who sensed the lack of social activities for persons in their age bracket were its beginnings. "The name was devised from a letter out of each of the names of the ten charter members."

Although conceived as a social/recreational club, the Credjafawns initiated some projects of importance for the Twin Cities Black community, opening a cooperative food outlet and a credit union, offering college scholarships, and working to integrate hotels. This group of Black teens committed themselves to each other, no less in writing. They were proactive with their concerns and wants. They refused to be bored because they realized that they had the power to make and attain goals.

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This world is one great battlefield With forces all arrayed, If in my heart I do not yield I’ll overcome some day. I’ll overcome some day, I’ll overcome some day, If in my heart I... I Know the Lord Will Make a Way by Charles Albert Tindley.
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