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Mon, 08.05.1895

Tiger Flowers, Boxer born

"Tiger" Flowers

*Theodore “Tiger” Flowers was born on this date in 1895. He was a Black boxer.

Nicknamed The Georgia Deacon, he was from Camille, GA.  The muscular Flowers was a deserving champion in an era of great middleweights. He fought 36 times alone in 1924 and 31 times the following year, losing only four. Flowers took the middleweight crown from Hall of Famer Harry Greb, lost it to Mickey Ealker.  It has been said of him that Flowers “fought 'em all,” including Sam Langford, Jamaica Kid, Fireman Jim Flynn, Jack Delaney, Jock Malone, Mike McTigue, and Maxie Rosenbloom.

Managed by: Walk Miller Flowers complied a lifetime Ring record: 115-14-6, 53 KOS.  Tiger Flowers died tragically, at age 32, on November 16, 1927 while undergoing "routine" eye surgery.

Boxing Album: An Illustrated History
by Peter Brooke Bell
Smithmark Publisher, 1995
ISBN 0831748109

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