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Fri, 06.18.1869

Tougaloo College, a beginning for many Blacks

The founding of Tougaloo College in 1869 is celebrated on this date. It is one of over 100 Historically Black Colleges and Universities in America.

Tougaloo is a private, coeducational, church-related four-year, liberal arts institution. Located at the northern edge of Jackson, Mississippi, it was founded by the American Missionary Association. Tougaloo was chartered on the principle that it "be accessible to everyone regardless of his or her religious tenets, and conducted on the most liberal principles for the benefit of our citizens in general." Tougaloo preserves and respects its traditions, remains dedicated to the equality of all people, and continues to be a value-centered community where students, guided by a involved faculty and staff, apply current knowledge and prepare for lifelong education related to new information and technologies, as well as humane standards in the changing world.

Tougaloo College admits students with diverse backgrounds and preparations in order to enable them to understand and appreciate the scientific, cultural, and spiritual achievements of men and women and be effective citizens in a democracy. Tougaloo College offers an undergraduate curriculum designed to encourage students to apply critical thought to all areas of life; to acquire a basic knowledge of the humanities, the natural sciences, and social sciences; to develop entry-level skills required in selected professions; and to provide leadership in a democratic society.

Tougaloo College intends that its students become self-directed learners and self-reliant persons capable of dealing effectively with people, challenges, and issues both now and in the future. Tougaloo College is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Arts, and Bachelor of Science degrees.

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Tougaloo College

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