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Sun, 07.26.1908

Alexander Memorial Baptist Church (DC) is Founded

Alexander Memorial Baptist Church

Alexander Memorial Baptist Church began on this date in 1908.  This was when a group of worshipers left the First Baptist Church in Georgetown, Washington D.C., because they did not like the way the church was managed.

Led by Rev. W. Bishop Carroll, the members of the new church first met at 1002 26th Street and later at the Odd Fellows Hall. They named their church after the Reverend Sandy Alexander, the founder of First Baptist Church. In 1909, the church purchased property and raised a building.  The cornerstone was laid later that year. Its first pastor was Reverend W. Bishop Carroll.  In 1971, Alexander Memorial Baptist Church became debt free.

In March of 1999, Rev. Marvin W. Rodgers, Jr., was elected by the membership of Alexander Memorial Baptist Church as its seventh pastor.  In December of 2005, Rev. Jesse W. Plater. was elected by the membership as its eighth and current pastor.



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by Marvin Andrew McMickle
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