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Voices That Guide Us

Voices That Guide Us (personal narratives):

Voices That Guide Us is an evolving and expanding collection of HD video narratives of black elders, professionals, and young people. It purposely includes other races that intersect with or are invested in our community. This repository was conceived in 2005 as a global learning tool of the American Black experience.

The purpose of Voices That Guide Us is to:

Convey the essential humanity of Black people through video

Offer a visual voice for views, advice, affirmations, and truths by us and about us

Enhance existing text articles in our website (primary or secondary resource)

Preserve the oral traditions that are the trademark of Black people

Spotlight un-stereotypical interpretations of who Black people are

Look, Listen & Learn
Black Labor Integrating Through Women in America, Dr. Peter Rachleff
Special Education Teachers I liked, Brian Stroud
Skin Color and Asian Social Order, Steve Ozone
Basketball Career Options, Seimone Augustus
Black Love, Black Critique, Lydia Wardlaw-Brown

Dr. Peter Rachleff is a labor historian, author, professor, and library administrator. In this segment, he shares his research findings, which show Black women’s value in nurturing families and directing American political progress in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Activist / Abolitionist Business
Stats: 107 Views

Brian Stroud is an adult man with cognitive abilities who lives and works independently. In this 2017 segment, he shares what he enjoyed about some of the teachers he had while in school.

Stats: 28 Views

Steve Ozone is a Japanese and Chinese American Photographer and community activist. In this segment, he shares why skin color matters in some Asian communities.

Stats: 64 Views

Seimone Augustus is a former college and WNBA basketball player in this segment. She shares nonplaying career options for youth who wish to participate in the game.

Sports / Outdoors Youth Views
Stats: 72 Views

Lydia Warlaw-Brown is a retired Sculptor. In this segment, she shares why she loves her Black community and what she wants to add.

Stats: 56 Views